Trend Identification and Investment

Valmo Ventures values the context that longer-term trends provide to industry leaders and investors, and respects the wave of profits or losses that such trends can generate over time. Therefore, Valmo Ventures conducts research into future trends, and accordingly, advises, collaborates with or invests in companies and projects poised to benefit from notable demographic or societal shifts.

This approach differs markedly from typical industry analysis, which focuses on quarterly earnings of companies and shorter term metrics, including stock price movement and relative company rankings. This can result in structural, analytical “blind spots” that fail to consider longer-term growth or decline in an industry. Prior to founding Valmo Ventures, Valerie Mosley served for several years as Chair of the Industry Strategy Group at her previous investment management firm. This Group was comprised of investment thought leaders that identified medium to long-term head winds and tail winds impacting a range of industries.

Through its strategic focus and longer term vision, Valmo Ventures is positioned to participate in growth trends that add significant value and address large demographic or societal shifts.