Niaz Karim


Niaz’s background spans venture capital, technology licensing and new venture formation. Previously, Niaz was part of the Harvard University team that commercially licensed Harvard innovations to industry. He was also part of the venture capital teams at Commons Capital and the Massachusetts Green Energy Fund, where he focused on investment sourcing and due diligence in the areas of healthcare, clean energy, education technology and consumer products.

Niaz’s non-profit passions include empowering young people with educational opportunity and experiences that help them to reach their potential. He co-founded efforts that teach students about personal finance and investing. The Financial Fluency Program, a collaboration of numerous not-for-profits, has been used in schools in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont and New Hampshire.

Niaz has been published in refereed scientific journals, has worked on economic development and relief work in Kosovo and the Republic of Congo, and has worked with Seeds of Peace, an international organization focused on youth peace-building in conflict areas around the world.

Niaz received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Dartmouth College.