Our Vision

Valmo Ventures creates, collaborates, and invests in companies, assets and efforts that add value to portfolio returns and add value to our society.

We believe that when we advise, invest in, and collaborate with bright, like-minded, and like-hearted individuals, extraordinary results are possible.

Our Focus

Our interests are focused in four areas:

  • Trend Identification and Investment
  • Global Wealth Management
  • Media Content
  • Corporate Advisory

These efforts are global in nature and address both significant societal needs and market opportunity.

Our Team

Valmo Ventures was founded by Valerie Mosley, an investment manager and business leader who has managed and invested billions of dollars for corporate and public pension funds, insurance companies, endowment funds and mutual funds.

Valmo Ventures is structured as a partnership to create ventures and invest in opportunities that have compelling returns and societal impact.