Global Wealth Management

During the coming years, developed economies are expected to grow modestly, at rates of 1.5-2.5%, while emerging and developing economies should continue to grow at multiples of this rate, albeit slower than they have in the past. Investors in slowing economies may have to examine different investment strategies for what may well be a new, persistently slow-growth and lower interest rate environment paradigm.

In contrast, emerging market economies have experienced a rapid rise of the middle class and a surge of wealthy entrepreneurs and families who have not had the benefit of various risk management strategies to grow and protect wealth over time. Similarly, women around the world are increasingly becoming breadwinners and heads of households, but many have not had broad investment training.

Valmo Ventures sees the need for global wealth management and investor education, as a corollary of transforming markets, increased volatility, and growing wealth around the world. While Valmo Ventures is advancing global strategies to add value to portfolios, we also have an interest in promoting a holistic perspective around understanding, practicing and growing one’s wealth.